Accelerating the Next Generation of Innovation

To advance the state-of-the-art in Aerodynamics, Material, Propulsion and closely related disciplines through experimental research.



The gas dynamics laboratory is a state of the art facility used for the experimental study of complex problems in compressible fluid dynamics.


Materials technology is a relatively comprehensive discipline that begins with the production of goods from raw materials to processing of materials into the shapes and forms needed for specific applications.


Engineering Educational lab Equipment can be used for evaluation along with the pattern connected with the various executive machines, Aerospace, Mechanical, standard electronics, conversation electronics, electrical technological knowhow, technologies and Aviation system


Avigit Aerospace has a strong framework to provide all requisite resources for this industry — research and development capabilities, leading manufacturing technology and engineering services, manufacturing expertise with global firms located in India, and a huge pool of semi-skilled manpower and even our team must recognize the opportunities with the most yield.

Avigit Aerospace is an INDIAN manufacturer of premier educational & Research laboratory equipment. Our products offer engineering and technical unique learning opportunities. Since 1986, Turbine Technologies has been partnering with faculty and instructors worldwide via the design and manufacture of turnkey classroom devices that support educational output objectives in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). Our products offer real world experience in engineering and technology disciplines that include: Aerospace & Aeronautical Engineering Chemical Engineering Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering Electromechanical Technology Industrial Engineering Mechanical Engineering Petroleum Engineering Renewable Energy Engineering Mechatronics Programmable Automation and Controls Mechanical Engineering Technology